Monday, July 23, 2018

Sorting, the thing itself, mind/body

We can say that sorting, "oring" and "anding" into groups, whether those groups be cells, genes, species, brands, types of houses, alphabets, words, sentences, paragraphs, books is among the fundamental processes of both nature and the mind.

And when we view things from this perspective, the mind-body problem and the philosophical agony that has attended our alleged inability to know "the thing itself" fall away.

For if the "or" and the "and" are at work in both nature and the mind, can we not say that the mind is nature? There is no real distinction between nature and mind? Or perhaps the mind is a reflection of nature.   Or perhaps rather than being a distorting lens, the mind is a window to nature.

And when we view the mind as nature, as something that is natural and works in the same manner as nature, that acts as a non-distorting window to nature, our alleged inability to see things through other than human filters, to see "the thing itself", evaporates. The human filter is all we need.


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