Saturday, March 17, 2012

Movement again

We have said that the "and" and the "or" underlie all of reality in all its spheres, whether it be physical reality, mathematical reality, language, history or epistemology.   However, to construct a truly unified theory of the world, we must ask if there one principle, reality or commonality these two forces share.  And the answer should be obvious: movement.  Objects, concepts, principles coming together, drifting apart or distinguishing themselves from one another have their genesis in movement.   As long as there is movement there will be atoms with orbiting electrons, light travelling at light speed, words joining together and forming sentences, sentences forming distinct units, paragraphs distinguishing themselves from other paragraphs, rivers that run, dramas, and history at a human, animal, planetary and astronomical level.  It is this movement that artists, such as DeKooning, with his bursts of yellow, sought to capture, and it is movement that Heraclitus intuited and sought to describe long before Plato founded his academy.   And movement contains its own mystery.  For movement in and of itself does not tell us whether things are coming together or drifting apart.   But the mystery is beautiful.  It gives birth to color, to light and to history.  And to contemplate this movement, perhaps, is to contemplate God.