Sunday, February 23, 2014

More F'in

In and out. Out and in.  Two bodies, or body parts, drawing into each other and moving apart. Again and again.  The "and" and the "or", the andorandorandor...So yes, it really can be called Andorian or Orandian.  All that can be certain is that one follows the other, a stream headed in one direction, like the passage of time.  And how best to describe copulation in cosmic terms is not all that clear.  Is it "and" "or" tension, a struggle maybe, with the two trading blows, until the two, beaten to a bloody pulp, collapse?  I think not, as that leaves out the climax.  More likely that each is strengthen with each thrust and withdrawal, until the tension, the power that each feels, can no longer be contained in the vessels that hold them.  Becoming one. Becoming separate. Becoming one. Becoming separate. No longer myself, how wonderful you are.  Yeah.  That's what I'll go with.  
What we can say is that the rhythmic interaction of the "and" and the "or" in this act so mirrors, so expresses, the cosmic interplay of these forces, that it is more than a mirror.  It is the "and" and the "or" in their most fundamental form.  It is the heart of nature itself