Tuesday, July 3, 2018


The erection of buffers by the "and" (and/or "or"?) to allow the process of living and diversification within these buffers seems to be a constant in nature.  We see these buffers in the membranes that protect the nuclei, the shells that protect mollusks, the skin that protects organs, the walls that protect settlements, the dwellings in which families conduct the activity of daily living, the prisons in which we house villains,  laws protecting privacy and shielding deliberations so that they can be carried out unfettered by outside interference.  Buffers are everywhere, allowing us the freedom to think regardless of the strictures oppressive governments place upon our actions, shielding our thoughts from the prying eyes of others.  Buffers, of course, also isolate us.  My authorship of this blog is an attempt to break through this buffer, to show at least a few of my thoughts that would otherwise remain forever private. And of course most communication allows us to break through these buffers within which we imprison ourselves.     Okay, time to go out.

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